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Alumni-supported Graduate Fellowships

The following fellowships for UB Chemistry graduate students are supported through the generosity of our alumni, for which we are grateful.

Kapoor Fellowship – The Kapoor Fellowship is given to advanced Medicinal Chemistry Ph.D. students of outstanding scholarship and character.  Dr. John Kapoor has established this generous fellowship to foster medicinal chemistry research.
List of winners: Kapoor Fellowship

Edward J. Kikta Jr. Fellowship – The Edward J. Kikta Jr. Fellowship is for one year and will provide one or more incoming graduate students in Chemistry add-on support to their assistantship. The recipients are selected by the members of the Graduate Admissions Committee.
List of winners: Kikta Fellowship

Silbert Fellowship – Established by Doris and Joseph Silbert in memorial to their brother Samuel Silbert to provide a fellowship award to a University at Buffalo graduate student with preference given to students from Western New York meeting the qualifications of outstanding scholarship and character and having financial need.
List of winners: Silbert Fellowship

Jere Solo Interdisciplinary Award in Chemistry – The Solo Fellowship was established in 2001 by Dr. and Mrs. John N. Kapoor in honor of Dr. Kapoor’s Ph.D. Mentor, Professor Jere Solo. The award consists of a generous fellowship for graduate students studying medicinal chemistry.
List of winners:
Jere Solo Fellowship

Speyer Fellowship – The Speyer Fellowship was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Thomas and Judith Mich and is intended for exceptional doctoral students who have successfully passed both their research synopsis and research proposal requirements in the Department of Chemistry, who show developing independence and have met the qualifications of outstanding scholar and character. The Speyer Fellowship gives a generous stipend along with travel reimbursement to present the students research work at a conference of their choosing.
List of awardees/winners: Speyer Fellowship