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Alumni-supported Undergraduate Fellowships

The following fellowships for UB Chemistry graduate students are supported through the generosity of our alumni, for which we are grateful.

Chemistry Alumni Award – The Chemistry Alumni Award honors the top Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Majors of senior status for academic excellence, based on cumulative rank, and is presented by the Department of Chemistry faculty at the annual Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. This award, consisting of a monetary gift and certificate, has been presented to one or more students each year since 2000.
Listing of winners:
Alumni Award

Peter T. Lansbury Chemistry Award – Joseph P. Vacca, PhD 1983, received the Merck Director’s Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the discovery of Crixivan, an HIV protease inhibitor. Dr. Vacca selected the University at Buffalo as recipient of the Merck prize because of the important role UB played in his career. Dr. Vacca created the Peter T. Lansbury Chemistry Award in 1999 to honor his former PhD mentor, Professor Emeritus Peter T. Lansbury. This award is given periodically to a deserving undergraduate chemistry major, preferably in his/her junior year. The funds may be used to carry out summer research with a UB faculty member.
Listing of winners: Lansbury Award

Sol J. Lederman Undergraduate Research Fellowship – Sol J. Lederman Research Fellows will be selected by the Department of Chemistry’s Undergraduate Committee based on applications submitted by interested students. The committee will award the fellowship(s) to students who: (1) show special promise as a researcher, (2) have a commitment from a mentor to provide matching funds in support of a stipend, supplies, etc, and (3) have high promise of generating publishable results. At the end of the fellowship period, Sol J. Lederman Research Fellows must submit a short report (3-5 page) summarizing their research activity and results.
Listing of winners: Lederman Fellowship Award

Ralph F. Theuer Scholarship Award – The family of Ralph F. Theuer, University at Buffalo alumnus, BA Chemistry 1946 and EdM. Science Education 1950, in order to further science education, established the Ralph F. Theuer Endowment Fund in 1994. This award is presented annually to one or more outstanding students pursuing a degree in Chemistry or a graduate degree in Science Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Awardees are selected by the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Affairs Committee, and students selected are presented their scholarship and certificate at the Department of Chemistry annual awards ceremony.
Listing of winners: Theuer Award

William E. Townsend Scholarship Award – Mr. William E. Townsend, UB Class of 1950 with a BA degree in Chemistry, in order to recognize worthy students at his alma mater, established the William E. Townsend Scholarship Fund in 1992. This award is presented annually to one or more freshman chemistry majors, preferably from the Western New York area, with demonstrated financial need and possession of good personal characteristics in terms of attitude, personality, citizenship and leadership. Recipients are selected by the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Affairs Committee. The award may be presented to each awardee for up to four consecutive years, provided they remain a chemistry major in good standing with the University.
Listing of winners: Townsend Award

Marjorie E. Winkler Annual Fellowship in Chemistry Award – Dr. Marjorie E. Winkler has established the Marjorie E. Winkler Annual Fellowship in Chemistry to be used for the purpose of fellowship support in the Department of Chemistry at UB.  This fellowship is for one year and will provide two to three incoming students in Chemistry add-on support to full Teaching Assistantships. The recipients are selected by the members of the Graduate Admissions Committee.
List of winners: Winkler Fellowship