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August 2016 Graduate Student Research Highlight: Chanchamnan Um

Graduate student: Chanchamnan Um, 6th-year Ph.D student in Prof. Chemler’s group

Notable recent achievement: First-author publication: Synthesis of 2-Aryl- and 2-Vinylpyrrolidines via Copper-Catalyzed Coupling of Styrenes and Dienes with Potassium β-Aminoethyl Trifluoroborates, Org. Lett., 201618 (10), pp 2515–2518. ASAP article.

Research highlight:

The core of my research is to develop novel copper-catalyzed oxidation of potassium alkyl trifluoroborate salt to generate radical, which is used to functionalize alkenes. These methodologies can lead many applications including synthesis of different size heterocyclic compounds containing oxygen and nitrogen.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because it allows me to sharpen my laboratory skills as a scientist and researcher. The department is well equipped with instruments that remove many obstacles to my research.

In my free time, I usually cook, bake, and watch movies or ride around the city.

Congratulations, Nan!