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10th Annual Howard Tieckelmann Lecture Series

May 4 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


10th Annual Howard Tieckelmann Lecture Series
Guest Lecturer:
Peter J. Stang, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, The University of Utah

Title:  “Abiological Self-Assembly: Predesigned Metallacycles and Metallacages via Coordination”

Abstract:  In the last two dozen years, abiological (non-biological) self-assembly has emerged as a major, active and cutting-edge area of chemistry.  Many attempts to mimic nature’s elegant self-assembly processes with hydrogen bonds were met with limited success, particularly in the formation of large, finite assemblies with well-defined shapes and sizes, due to the lack of directionality of weak interactions, and the necessity of accurately positioning many dozens of these interactions to obtain functional assemblies.  During the early 1990’s, Stang pioneered and developed the use of dative, metal-ligand interactions and coordination-driven self-assembly for the formation of large, nanoscale complex, two (2D) and three (3D) dimensional assemblies, with well-defined shapes. Furthermore, coordination-driven self-assembly represents a “bottoms-up” methodology for the manufacturing of nanoscale species of enormous significance in modern nanotechnology. These self-assembled molecules have potential applications in the biomedical fields. A couple of the self-assembled rhomboids show promising antitumor activity as demonstrated in the Figure below:


Screening Room, Center for the Arts