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CHE 516: Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry

This course focuses on the role of Analytical Chemistry in the investigations on the fate and transport of chemical pollutants in the environment.  The fundamentals of environmental sampling, sample preparation, and trace analysis using modern instrumental techniques (LC/MS, GC/MS, ICP/MS, etc) are typically discussed.  Topics also include a discussion of the physico-chemical factors that affect the persistence, mobility, and distribution of pollutants in soil, water, atmosphere, and biota.  In addition, recent research articles from the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology are typically discussed to familiarize the students with current and emerging issues that are relevant to environmental chemistry.   Ultimately,  the students not only learn how to select the most appropriate analytical tool for a particular environmental investigation, based on knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of pollutants, but also become knowledgeable on the impacts of chemical pollutants on wildlife, human health, and the environment as a whole.