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Financial Support

The Department recognizes the educational value of the teaching process. Entering PhD students are normally offered teaching assistantships, usually in the General Chemistry program (100-level courses) or Organic Chemistry program (200-level courses). Teaching assistants supervise small recitation and/or laboratory sections for not more than nine contact hours a week. Total time required, including grading, office hours, and preparation, is typically 16 hours per week.

Currently, assistantship stipends for incoming students are $26,000. This includes a $23,000 teaching assistantship for the academic year and a $3,000 research assistantship for the summer. Several supplementary fellowships in the range of $2,000-$8,000 are available for outstanding students. All students in good academic standing will receive continued support in subsequent years, either as teaching assistants or research assistants. Individual research directors provide research assistantships for their advanced students. These appointments allow students to devote their full time to thesis research.

All students receiving assistantships in the Department during the academic year also receive full tuition scholarships.