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Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry

The MS in Medicinal Chemistry program is separate from the MA in Chemistry program. The Department of Chemistry also offers a combined BS/MS in Medicinal Chemistry program.

MS in Medicinal Chemistry: Prerequisites and admission procedures for the MS in Medicinal Chemistry program are identical to those required for admission to the MA in Chemistry program. Although a BS in chemistry is an optimal prerequisite, students with bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, or biological sciences may qualify if their background in the chemical sciences is of sufficient scope and depth.

There are no entrance examination requirements for students entering the MS in Medicinal Chemistry program. A minimum of 30 semester credit hours are required for the degree. A total of six courses (18 credit hours) are required. From these, three courses must be core courses and the remaining three must be chosen from a specified list of electives. The remaining 12 credit hours are devoted to creative research. At the conclusion of the work, a thesis must be written and orally defended before the student’s research committee of at least two members of the faculty.

Combined BS/MS in Medicinal Chemistry: There has been explosive growth in the need for students with a multidisciplinary background. This is never more apparent than in medicinal chemistry. Given this, we have developed a 5-year combined BS/MS degree program in medicinal chemistry. Students in this program take lecture and laboratory courses in biochemistry, chemistry, medicine, and pharmacology, plus perform original research. This exciting, streamlined program provides students with a rigorous education in a wide range of disciplines.

Medicinal Chemistry BS/MS course requirements
Example Curriculum Plan