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October 2016 Graduate Student Research Highlight: Eryn Matich

Graduate student: Eryn Matich, 4th-year Ph.D student in Prof. Atilla’s group

Notable recent achievements:

First-author publication: Matich, E. M.; Butryn, D. M.; Ghafari, M.; del Solar, V.; Camgoz, E.; Pfeifer, B. A.; Aga, D. S.; Haznedaroglu, B. Z.; Atilla-Gokcumen, G. A.; Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics of value-added biochemicals from Ettlia oleoabundans. Algal Research, 2016, 19, 146-154. Article

Research highlight:

My research is focused on using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry to analyze the metabolites produced by a non-model green microalgae, Ettlia oleoabundans, grown under varying nutrient stress for applications in biofuel production and also for value-added bioproducts such as vitamins and phytosterols.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because of the great amount of resources available such as new and accessible instrumentation along with a great deal of knowledgeable faculty and staff and for the connections I have made through collaborations both in the Chemistry department and in other departments here at UB.

Outside of the lab I enjoy spending time with friends, running, attending live sporting events, and watching the Green Bay Packers!

Congratulations, Eryn!