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Robert A. Coburn

Professor Emeritus


B.S., Akron University, 1960
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1966

History and Overview of Interests:

Professor Coburn retired in 2004. Professor Coburn’s research focused on drug discovery in the areas of topical anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agents, as well as agents for reversing multi-drug resistance in cancer and other infectious diseases.


Antimicrobial & Anti-inflammatory Agents, Combinatorial Chemistry, Drug Design & Discovery, Chemosensitisers for Multidrug Resistance.

Selected Publications:

  1. T. Clark and R.A. Coburn, 5-Alkylsulfonylsalicylanilides as Potential Dental Plaque Agents, J. Med. Chem. l986, 29, 25.
  2. A. Coburn, M. Wierzba, M.J. Suto, A.J. Solo, D.J. Triggle, l,4-Dihydropyridine Antagonist Activities at the Calcium Channel: A Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Approach, J. Med. Chem. l988, 31, 2l03-2l07.
  3. A. Coburn, QSAR-PC:PAR, A Microcomputer Program for Drug Design, BIOSOFT, Cambridge, U.K., l989.
  4. K. Anderson, R. A. Coburn, T. Gopalsamy and T. J. Howe, “A Facile Selective Acylation of Castanospermine,” Tet. Lett., 1990, 31, 169.
  5. P. Mager, R. A. Coburn, A. J. Solo, D. J. Triggle and H. Rothe, “QSAR, Diagnostic Statistics and Molecular Modeling of 1,4-Dihydropyridine Calcium Antagonists: A Difficult Road Ahead,” Drug Design Disc. 1992, 8, 273-289.